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daisies ♡ / obsessed level infinity with this! / binggrae's banana milk - first try & yumm / wednesday's date with sis <3 / it's meee hehe / spring / japanese cuisine ☺︎ / japan night 2014 / henna :>
lemon custard cake - lemon torta with berry sauce & whipped cream / like its name, it's lemony and refreshing! <3
new-in: nike free run 5.0 yay! / half-me camwhoring with the tree & the blue sky
maccha & ichigo mochi icecream - my new favorite, sooo good c: / polkadot tee x rabbit necklace / THIS! a must-try! / i found another good pastaaa hooray! @ Pastini Pastaria
These + piling assignments overall sum up my past two weeks. Nothing really changed, I'm still just me loving to eat and taking pictures tee-hee; except maybe for the part that I have been joining gym classes (read: zumba) with a bunch of my friends and of a secrecy which is, of course, a secret! :> Nevertheless, hopefully I will keep going to those classes, at least for this whole term *no i'm not gonna cross my fingers so whut*, & doing good on my exams. 
Anyway, Happy Easter Day fellas!


P.S. I have been complaining about this a lot lately, but still my hair has been so obnoxious; it's too looooong :<



Today is the first day of Spring term, sooo sad spring break is over :( 
But luckily spring break is well spent, we (me, sis, baka, liren) went to Bend, OR for a short trip; almost a week, it was for 6 days & 5 nights. So here's a glimpse of what we did:
Me and sis camwhoring with enjoying Townshend's black milk tea with tapioca pearls - yumm why don't they have this in Corvallis duh
seafood green curry / voodoo doughnuts / pesto & eggs with bacons / white chocolate banana bread pudding - this is so nice <3
Benham Falls - had to drive quite deep into the forest & yep honestly I was scared, what if there were wild animals?! #dramaqueen
Skiing! This was the highlight of the trip omg take me back :( - the other two guys did snowboarding tho
Thai food at Noi - these are so good even tho their appearances aren't, can't even be described yumz #fattie
 Frankly saying, at first I rejected going but ended up going too due to having no more choice. I am glad I went tho, because if I didn't I will miss the chance for the new experiences at such a beautiful place (& also the good food, of course). Anyway, thank you to those who patiently taught me how to ski although I am not really improving hehehe but it's just the problem with me, still, thanks! Spending time at a good place, doing great activity, eating great food, being with great people. How the hell can it not be called a great trip? :)


P.S. first day of Spring term & I have already met a killer teacher oh god why, just why

up to the sky


Hi, yes, the owner of this blog is still pleasantly alive. I realized I am practically deserting this blog due to the unexciting uni life I have, but here are some updates (pictures) about my recent life.

Top left, clockwise:
.Yesterday's brunch: favorite pasta in town! :9
.#fromwhereistand shot; featuring my new-in espardilles & flower petals
.Yesterday's outfit: Forever 21 jacket, polkadot tee & rings / Cotton On shorts / unbranded tights / Converse sneakers
.Spring is coming, bottoms up! :)

I am frankly supposed to be studying for finals instead of updating my blog, but... I am lazy and distracted (always) HAHA. I don't even realize winter term is ending soon; yippie yay shooing cold and freezing weather! I promise I will study for finals as soon as possible *fingercrossed*
Anyways, I am currently bearing not to chop off my waterfall-like hair, spend money for online-shopping, and intake any more unimportant calories. I hope I can bring them to reality, hwating myself! Wish me luck for my finals too kthx c:


Indonesian Cultural Night 2014: Fearless Sumatra!


Proud Indonesians - fancy the batik patterns as the photobooth background <3
with non-Indonesians
I-forget-what dance - great
Two singers singing Indonesian songs, accompanied by a piano performance - touching
A choir singing Bataknese song - exciting & energetic
Saman Dance - most favorited!
There was an event called Indonesian Cultural Night on campus last Saturday night. This event was held by PERMIAS at Oregon State University! :) It is obvious that the event was about Indonesian cultures, and this year they chose Sumatra Island as the theme. Even though I am a very passive one, I was zuper excited (hey, I am specifically from Sumatra)! In spite of being passive, I was actually volunteering to be a part of the documentation team, which ended up with me getting blisters and in desperate need of foot massage (silly me wearing heels for the first time in the last 6 months). Ok moving on to the event: there were a lot of creative and outstanding performances (see: pictures above). I personally admire Saman Dance (dance of thousand hands, from Aceh) the most. Nevertheless, everyone was doing awesome jobs! 

Clearly, I miss everything about my hometown in Indonesia. I miss my family, my friends, and of course the food! :<