Brastagi - Simalem // Photo Diary


As assured, here's an update of my second trip to Brastagi and Simalem. A week gap from last update, I feel proud! I am quite amazed with the fact that such a place took only two to four hours drive from my hometown. Despite of feeling unwell during the trip, I still sorta enjoy it. I mean, look at the view.


Bali - Jakarta // Photo Diary


Here I am again, failing to keep a promise to myself about the frequency of updating my blog sigh. So, I'll start off the post by telling the big thing first: I'M BACK IN INDONESIA! (since around 3 weeks ago... I know it's been quiet a time) There's nothing like home indeed (esp the ppl, and psstt food! yum). One complaint I seem to be endlessly mumbling about tho: why is it so hot like hell... & not to mention the humidity and the daily blackouts oh god. Moving on —I've been on a family trip to a few domestic places (two trips precisely) since I came home.

Well, hello again, Bali. It's been 9 years, hasn't it?
Pandawa Beach - must go! The beach was so nice even tho I don't know how to differentiate any
Naughty Nuri's ribs - yumz / Bebek Betutu / Breakfast at Rimba / Balinese cuisine - authentic taste!
instagram feeds
Tanah Lot
Great dining atmosphere at Jimbaran - Menega Café
Rock Bar - enthusiastically waiting for the sunset while chilling out
the long-awaited sunset - stunning view!
& here's Jakarta:
all good food in my tummy now
Elder sister turned 20 - happy belated birthday! :)
Idk how to describe the taste but they were sooo good - well we waited for 1 hour for these goodness. I want more! :(
The trip was overall nice; esp the chilly weather at Bali - it must be due to the winter season in Australia. And Jakarta, well... loathe the trafficjams, always. But the foods. Yum. (I realized I 'yum' too much but whatever). Anyway, I might ever stated that I was not a fan of beaches, however after my trip ended, I strangely sorta crave for beaches. Good news?

 Stay tuned! I'll try to share the stories slash pics of my second trip soon.




Hi, the summer term is starting already; at least for those who are taking summer classes. For the non-summer-classes-takers, it is summer vacation slash break. I am still hanging around here in Corvallis until June 27th, in a house, with no wifi. My sister has moved out of her place to Eugene due to her school transfer starting in Fall term. Did I mention I moved out from the dorm already? If no, yes, I moved out. I planned on having internet service in September when I come back from Indonesia (4 days counting down to go back!) so that I don't waste any money during those three months going-back-home period. Btw, I am typing this post in the library, acting like I am coping with some serious papers.

So basically, I have been lingering around in my house with no wifi for about a week. How did I survive? Frankly saying, I almost died of boredom. I was mostly daydreaming and staring blankly on the wall for hours. I cooked my meals by myself, although most of the time it was only either pasta or scrambled eggs. I exceeded my cellular data usage plan, of which I have to pay extra $10. I freaked out so much (like many times) seeing bugs either inside or outside my house. One of the reason I loathe summer is because it is bugs' season! :'< Tbh, I am even scared of butterflies or other so-called beautiful insects. I am solemnly praying everyday not to have encounter any kind of insects. Puhleaaaaaase!

A little pic updates:
with my roommate during in the dorm; see you when I see you! :)
past few weeks':
sis' meal / attempt on making rice pudding with M / oysters! <3 / 김밥 / found this goodness in asian market c: / fried rice by M, yum! / 제육 볶음; 맛있다! / DQ's oreo cheesecake, loveee! / 떡볶이
my cooks! can't help but to be a little proud hehehe
At last, it sucks but I really need to keep reminding myself to have low expectations of everything in my life right now. Here's to every abrupt ending in my blog posts. Yep. Bye.


Bitter Lemon


The end of Spring Term is creeping in, and I am just sitting here being astonished how fast life is; cliché, it is. A lot of stuffs has been going on my life right now. It's either me being too stressful over little things (many ppl say I do tho) or life's just really been putting pressure on me. I have been having things slash problems clouding up my mind for a such a long time that I even forget when it actually started. I can write like a super looong list of what things I am stressing over right now, but nope, I will not cross that line. This might sound like one of those cheesy blog entry of a girl who crave for attention, well it's not.

Cheering up the blue mood, here's a few updates of my daily life:
.coping with assignments
.stressing over housing paperworks (I'm being kicked out; moving out real soon!)
.struggling to pack all my stuffs into the luggages; seems impossible...
.attempting to cook more (hopefully will *no fingercrossed HA*)
.deactivated my facebook & twitter accounts and made a new facebook one bcs of some personal reasons - see 'find me' tab on sidebar

I acknowledge that I often abandon this blog, but well... I'll always come back. Besides, I am an active user on instagram, so find me there if you want to! :)