All About You


I think I have a periodical insomnia - if such thing even exists. I am not feeling a tad of sleepiness even tho it's already 4am here. Good thing it's weekend. Tho tomorrow I plan to go to school, library, to be exact... I have been spending a lot of time in the library this term, or perhaps since I lived off campus. Library is like my second home I guess. I fancy library when it's not packed. If it's packed, well... damn it. I don't know why but I have a lot of trouble concentrating on assignments or anything school related in my house, that's why the whole library-is-my-second-home situation happens.

Life has been going on quiet well, aside from infinite piles of assignments and midterms - finals soon, duh. What my stupid brain has been stressing over with isn't actually about school but some other stuff instead. Sometimes A lot of times I wish I have that I-dont-give-a-damn-shit attitude, so I need not to deal with the output of those damn overthinking stuffs my brain has been really working hard on lately. It's an endless chaotic mind-fight in my brain. Ok, I have been babbling and complaining about this massively, I know. I do realize I have to really do something about it but... the situation in which you know exactly what's right and what's wrong but you are too scared to take a step forward sucks. Man, I seriously need to stop. People are stressing over some serious stuffs or maybe life and death stuffs, and here I am, stressing over my silly life. Ok, I'm done here. I hope.

Moving past the melancholic, or should I say depressing and annoying, part, here are some snapshots I managed to take these past few weeks.
비빔밥 - I really like that one korean restaurant in downtown :9
on my way back home from library after pulling all-nighter... the perks I guess.
pretty trees & streets - it's just right across my house!
my shoyu butter pasta is improving I guess? - it's ver 2.0 with all the veggies happening btw
my first attempt to cook 킴치볶음밥 today - accidentally poured too much oil tho... 
Bcs all the cookings I did were all just pasta and fried rice (and instant noodles), I am intending to try cooking porridge and baking some pastries, say brownies and tiramisu? I heard those are quiet basic and easy to make. I guess I'll see later if it's true or not. 

It's almost 5am and I finally feel sleepy, so good night :)


October Playlist


At this current time, weekend is not a blissful break; assignments are piling up, midterms are hunting you down (tho I only have one left, temporarily) and also other personal stuffs to cope with. What I do hope is this pressure to be short-termed. Nevertheless, I am still procrastinating on getting things done. Typical me. NG. NO GOOD. 
Anyway, I embed a playlist I listened to for these past few weeks, why don't you try to loose up and enjoy some good music :)




It's 3am, and I know I am supposed to be sleeping right now but I am not sleepy at all due to my full-time sleeping last night. Yes, 9 hours yaaaaaaay -or maybe nay.

Since I am really bored and jobless (tho I have assignments piling up), I shall share some updates of my personal life:
1. I just got my outer cartilage pierced YAY - and thinking of getting others; should I or should I not. I have a major crush on Amber of fx's piercings!
2. First time ever seeing a falling star (just a brief one but still)
3. Literally shopped till I dropped broke
4. In dilemma - school transfer, visual art minor, clarification, etc (hell being indecisive is seriously bad)
5. Stuffing myself all the time oh god
6. Still trying to finish john green's abundance of katherines
7. Got a midterm on Thursday but the textbooks I ordered will be arriving on Wednesday. And I just went to 1 out of 4 classes... this is bad.
8. Almost shut down this blog but glad I didn't
9. Considered to dye my hair ombre but changed my mind. I think.

Frankly speaking, I indeed am trying to make the points to be exactly ten in total just to make it look good. Ok, good night. Or good morning. Whichever you prefer.


Life of the Party


Weekend like this is the best - slacking and procrastinating around, listening to some good music and marathoning on your favorite tv shows, cooking something homemade and stuffing yourself until you feel like you might have a baby inside your belly... oops. I may have gone too far with the "stuffing" thing. 

Anyways, everybody and anybody should have watched How I Met Your Mother or at least heard the great things about it. I just finished watching the very last episode of HIMYM and boy, was I sad. Correction: I AM SAD. Have you ever feel like you can hardly wait to see the ending of a movie or any tv show but when you finally reach the end, you feel so sad because you don't want it to come to an end? That's exactly how I feel. And my other friend. And also my other friends and many more. I think I just don't want to see any endings at all. Probably not only in movies or tv shows but also in life. I suppose I am too terrified to see the ending of my life; not like how I am going to die nor whatsoever but where I am going to end up in and how I end up there. Man this is getting so deep I don't even know what to type anymore to keep up with this "deepness" so I guess I will just end it here.