Today is the first day of Spring term, sooo sad spring break is over :( 
But luckily spring break is well spent, we (me, sis, baka, liren) went to Bend, OR for a short trip; almost a week, it was for 6 days & 5 nights. So here's a glimpse of what we did:
Me and sis camwhoring with enjoying Townshend's black milk tea with tapioca pearls - yumm why don't they have this in Corvallis duh
seafood green curry / voodoo doughnuts / pesto & eggs with bacons / white chocolate banana bread pudding - this is so nice <3
Benham Falls - had to drive quite deep into the forest & yep honestly I was scared, what if there were wild animals?! #dramaqueen
Skiing! This was the highlight of the trip omg take me back :( - the other two guys did snowboarding tho
Thai food at Noi - these are so good even tho their appearances aren't, can't even be described yumz #fattie
 Frankly saying, at first I rejected going but ended up going too due to having no more choice. I am glad I went tho, because if I didn't I will miss the chance for the new experiences at such a beautiful place (& also the good food, of course). Anyway, thank you to those who patiently taught me how to ski although I am not really improving hehehe but it's just the problem with me, still, thanks! Spending time at a good place, doing great activity, eating great food, being with great people. How the hell can it not be called a great trip? :)


P.S. first day of Spring term & I have already met a killer teacher oh god why, just why

up to the sky


Hi, yes, the owner of this blog is still pleasantly alive. I realized I am practically deserting this blog due to the unexciting uni life I have, but here are some updates (pictures) about my recent life.

Top left, clockwise:
.Yesterday's brunch: favorite pasta in town! :9
.#fromwhereistand shot; featuring my new-in espardilles & flower petals
.Yesterday's outfit: Forever 21 jacket, polkadot tee & rings / Cotton On shorts / unbranded tights / Converse sneakers
.Spring is coming, bottoms up! :)

I am frankly supposed to be studying for finals instead of updating my blog, but... I am lazy and distracted (always) HAHA. I don't even realize winter term is ending soon; yippie yay shooing cold and freezing weather! I promise I will study for finals as soon as possible *fingercrossed*
Anyways, I am currently bearing not to chop off my waterfall-like hair, spend money for online-shopping, and intake any more unimportant calories. I hope I can bring them to reality, hwating myself! Wish me luck for my finals too kthx c:


Indonesian Cultural Night 2014: Fearless Sumatra!


Proud Indonesians - fancy the batik patterns as the photobooth background <3
with non-Indonesians
I-forget-what dance - great
Two singers singing Indonesian songs, accompanied by a piano performance - touching
A choir singing Bataknese song - exciting & energetic
Saman Dance - most favorited!
There was an event called Indonesian Cultural Night on campus last Saturday night. This event was held by PERMIAS at Oregon State University! :) It is obvious that the event was about Indonesian cultures, and this year they chose Sumatra Island as the theme. Even though I am a very passive one, I was zuper excited (hey, I am specifically from Sumatra)! In spite of being passive, I was actually volunteering to be a part of the documentation team, which ended up with me getting blisters and in desperate need of foot massage (silly me wearing heels for the first time in the last 6 months). Ok moving on to the event: there were a lot of creative and outstanding performances (see: pictures above). I personally admire Saman Dance (dance of thousand hands, from Aceh) the most. Nevertheless, everyone was doing awesome jobs! 

Clearly, I miss everything about my hometown in Indonesia. I miss my family, my friends, and of course the food! :<




Indian lunch buffet / ice-cream: strawberry cheesecake x fudge brownie / purchases of the day: socks & teabags
adorable stuffs seen while strolling in a cute shop <3
  • Saturday: went all the way to downtown with two fellas to have an Indian lunch buffet, slacked around, and strolled in a cute shop, or shall I say at least for me. Afterwards, we treated ourselves with two sinful scoops of ice-cream, yumz!
  • Sunday: did nothing productive for the day and went out to the street nearby school to grab Thai food for dinner. Still delicious after all this time.

There was, or maybe is still, a snowstorm in Corvallis right now and that leads to good news and bad news:
  • Good news: no classes for today & tomorrow. Four weekend days in a row baby!
  • Bad news: it's freaking cold outside & everytime I walk my way thru the 4 or 8 inches snow, I look like a penguin! D: